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Town Road Maintenance Procedures

The Town owns slightly more than 20 miles of asphalt streets. In order to extend the life of these streets and delay the need for major expensive road reconstruction, regular maintenance must be done by the Town. Maintenance includes pothole patching, crack sealing and periodically sealing the surface of the street. Sealing of asphalt streets can be done in several ways, using several materials and processes but it generally is done to provide a protective layer to the surface of the street. Pothole patching and crack sealing should be done as needed; surface sealing should be applied to asphalt on average once every seven years. However, the seven-year average could vary, depending on numerous road conditions. This work must be done on all of the asphalt streets over time, including those streets in Fairview that recently had upgrades completed due to their poor condition.

The goal of any road maintenance technique is to provide a protective layer over the asphalt to extend its usable life and to provide a friction surface for cars, but road surface smoothness is also a concern for residents.

The Town recently completed a sealing process known as a chip seal on several streets in Town. While this process is used by many cities and counties, it does result in a street surface that is rougher than desired by our residents and therefore the Town has explored other methods of preserving the streets. After reviewing several maintenance options that would be smoother than the chip seal that residents found unsatisfactory, Council and Staff have recommended trying a sand seal process. This process will be tested and should that method prove to be acceptable to the Council, will be considered for other streets in Town.

A Sand Seal is a pavement preservation method that uses an asphalt emulsion mixed with small aggregate and latex that is spray applied to the road surface. This results in a smoother road surface while providing the needed seal on the street surface.

Meetings will be held with local residents on each street prior to the start of any work in order to outline the process and expected outcomes. As work is completed, an evaluation will be conducted on each road to judge the results of the sand seal. At the end of fiscal year 2016-17 a final evaluation will be conducted, in order to budget and determine the ongoing process to be utilized going forward into fiscal year 2017-18.

Learn more by viewing Staff’s latest Road Maintenance presentation to the Town Council.


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