Here is a list of documents associated with the governing of the Town of Fairview. Included you will find content on; Meeting Agendas, Meeting Minutes, Permits, etc. If you can't find what you're looking for please call us or give us feedback using our feedback form.  
Audit Year Ending September 30, 2012
Council Agenda-7-1-2014
Notice of Proposed Tax Rate Fairview
Ord. 2013-9-3E Ad Valorem Tax Rate 2013-14
Ord. 2013-9-3E Ad Valorem Tax Rate 2013-14(1)
Ord. 2013-9-3F Amending 2012-13 Budget
Ord. 2013-9-3G Adopting 2013-14 Budget
Ord. 2014-40 2012 International%0A Fire Code - Repeal Ord 2010-2-2D
Planning July 11, 2013 Agenda
Public Hearing on Proposed Budget notice Revised
Rotating Art Program Rules and Requirements and Application-Oct-Dec 2014- Autumn Days
Town of Fairview Rotating Art Program April-June 2015-Signs of Spring