Our Mission is to provide a professional response to our customers in their time of need, to promote fire and life safety at all times by maintaining highly trained personnel and equipment, and by sharing our skills to help prevent and reduce incidents of fire and other potentially harmful events.

Fire Chief- Jeff Bell

Jeff began his career in the fire service by attending Collin County Community College’s Fire Academy in 1999. He worked for Plano Fire Rescue in the Fire Marshal’s office as a plan reviewer and inspector until he joined Plano Fire Rescue as a Fire Rescue Specialist. He worked for Plano for a total of 13 years. Summer of 2006 he joined Fairview Fire Rescue as a part-time Fire Inspector. In 2009, he became Fairview’s Assistant Fire Chief and Fire Marshal and later joined Fairview in a full-time capacity in January 2012.

He is a graduate of Oklahoma State University with a Bachelor’s Degree in Fire Protection and Safety Engineering Technology. He also holds a Master Fire Fighter certification, Advanced Inspector and Fire Investigator’s certification through Texas Commission on Fire Protection.

Fairview is a Texas Home-Rule town. It is largely a residential community in the central part of Collin County, Texas (just North of Dallas). The fire district includes both incorporated and unincorporated areas within a 13 square mile area. The Town has received an Insurance Services Organization (ISO) rating of 2, which becomes effective April 2013.

Fire & EMS

Fairview operates a combination department, meaning we have full-time paid firefighters, part-time firefighters, and professional volunteers.

Collin County Sheriff's communications center. This center receives all 911 calls and is responsible for the dispatching of emergency personnel. FOR EMERGENCY CALLS, DIAL 911.

Fairview operates two fire stations. Station #1 is located at 500 S. Highway 5 in the former town hall building.


Station 1

Fairview operates two fire stations. Station #1 is located at 500 S. Highway 5 in the former town hall building.

Station 2

Station 2 is located at 1200 Stacy Road. This building was completed in Janurary 2010 and provides our citizens on the eastern side improved response time. Station 2 is also home base to EMS Emergency Services.

Brush 2

Brush 2 is a 2012 F-550 4X4. It has a 400 gallon water tank and 20 gallons of Class A foam. It has a Hale 200 gpm diesel fire pump @100 psi. This truck was purchased through the Texas Forestry Service via a grant matching program. This truck will be utilized to assist the state for special deployments to assist in the control of wildland fires. 

Engine 2

Engine 2 is an E-One Typhoon with a Compressed Air Foam System (CAFS) with a 1,000 gallon water tank. Engine 2 has advanced life support capabilities. A fire apparatus, fire engine, fire truck, or fire appliance is a vehicle designed to assist in fighting fires by transporting firefighters to the scene and providing them with access to the fire, along with water or other equipment.

Squad 2

Squad 2 is a 2007 Ford F-250 with four wheel drive. This vehicle is primarly used for fire inspections, fire investigations,command, and other code enforcement activities. Squad 2 has a computer allowing real-time access to data via the Internet while on scene. The Fairview Fire Department is proud to own this truck as another means to protect the citizens of Fairview

Rescue 2

Rescue 2 is a medium rescue truck developed with a fully compartmentalized body. The truck carries heavy extrication equipment including the Jaws of Life and other specialty equipment for most any type of emergency. It also carries an air cascade system that is used to refill breathing apparatus bottles on scene. Rescue 2 is located at Station 1 for quicker response times to critical traffic locations around HWY 5 and Stacy Road.

Engine 1

Engine 1 is an E-One Typhoon with a full Compressed Air Foam System (CAFS) with a 500 gallon water tank, 2,000 GPM pump and 30 gallons of fire suppression foam. The Engine will have a specialized compartment for EMS equipment and will seat 5 firefighters. Engine 1 operates as an Advanced Life Support apparatus with a cardiac monitor.

Truck 2

Truck 2 is a combination pumper and aerial. The apparatus is called a "quint" because of its five capabilities: 75 foot aerial ladder, ground ladders, 1500 gallon per minute water pump, 500 gallon water tank, and hoses. The aerial ladder has a master stream capable of flowing 1000 gallons per minute from both positive and negative elevations. The truck carries heavy rescue and advanced life support medical equipment.

Squad 1

This is a 2013 Chevy Tahoe 4 wheel drive special service vehicle. Its primary function will be used as an additional command vehicle. It will also serve the department by acquiring equipment and other support items to improve day to day operations. This vehicle has an AED and BLS capabilities.

The Town of Fairview operates its own EMS medical transport service for the citizens and customers of Fairview. EMS services were previously contracted with a 3rd party ambulance service. The fire department now is able to continue care for the patient from the initial patient contact until the patient arrives at the appropriate hospital destination. The ambulance is staffed with 2 people that are cross-trained as firefighters and also as either EMT or Paramedic. The primary ambulance is still located at fire station 2 with a back-up ambulance at fire station 1 should the primary be out for service. We welcome anyone that would like to drop by the fire stations and see our new equipment or just to visit with the firefighters.

In addition to the ambulance, an advanced life support fire engine/ truck is staffed twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week out of both Station 1 and Station 2. The engine/ truck has the same EMS capabilities as the ambulance but without the ability to transport.

For EMS billing information, records requests and questions, contact Emergicon

For Emergencies Call 9-1-1
Give your address and location.
Explain the emergency.
Try to remain calm.
Stay on the phone. The dispatcher may need to get additional information.

Town of Fairview Fire and Building Ordinances w/ Amendments

icon2012 IFC Amendments Fairview

iconFairview 2012 IBC amendments


Fire Inspections

All commercial buildings and residential buildings over 5000 feet are subject to the Town of Fairview's Fire Safety ordinance. The town employs a full time fire marshal for inspections and regular safety checks.

The Fire Marshal can be reached at 972-886-4232


Knox Box

The town also has a Knox Box ordinance that requires all gated entryways to be accessible through a key system approved by the fire chief. For more information, please contact the fire department's non-emergency number, 972-886-4232, and check on-line for products at



Alarm Permits Inspections

For those properties that have a fire alarm or burglar alarm an alarm permit is required. To get an alarm permit, visit www.fairviewtexasalarm.com or download one of the alarm permit forms below.

iconCommercial Alarm Permit iconResidential Alarm Permit


Join The Fairview Volunteer Fire Department

The Fairview Fire Department is looking for volunteers to join us. To be eligble, please read and complete the following documents and submit to the Town Hall at 372 Town Pl. Fairview, TX. 75069.

iconFairview Application for Employment

iconFairview Fire Personal History Stmt Revised

iconFire Department Agility Test


In the Town of Fairview, the location for open burning shall not be less than 300 feet from any structure and provisions shall be made to prevent the fire from spreading to within 300 feet of any structure.

Permits may be issued by the Fire Marshal for burning of natural vegetation if the fire is located on a property of 10 acres or greater, and if all of the following conditions are met:

  1. The burn site must only contain natural vegetation,
  2. A water supply must be on site and capable of preventing fire from spreading away from burn site,
  3. The burn site must not be within 300 feet of any structure or within 25 feet of a property line,
  4. The day must be a burn day as designated by the Fairview Fire Chief or his designee and the Fire Marshal has inspected the items to be burned prior to lighting the fire.

For those interested in constructing a fire pit, Fire pits must not contain a fire greater than three feet in diameter and two feet in height. Fire pits shall be surrounded on the outside, aboveground, by a non-combustible material such as steel, brick or masonry. The fire pit bottom must be at least six inches below the outer ring of the fire pit. Fire pits can be used as long there is not a posted Burn Ban within Fairview. Burn Bans are typically posed on the Top News section of the Town’s home page.


Trash Service - New Rates Effective October 1, 2017

Bulk/Brush Collection

Bulk/brush items must be placed outside by 7 a.m. on your designated Monday and no earlier than 5 p.m. the Friday before. Republic Services will pick up bulk items between Monday and Friday of your designated week. To confirm your designated Monday, please view the appropriate Bulk, Trash and Recycle Schedule located at the top of this page. Residents can request additional bulk and brush pickup more often than once per month, but will be assessed a charge of $97.85 per hour with a one-hour minimum.

Residential Trash Pick-up Fees

Residential trash and recycling services are provided by Republic Services (Allied Waste) throughout the town. The cost for once per week trash and recycling collection, using 95-gallon rolling containers, is $16.43 plus $1.75 administrative fee monthly, plus sales tax. Additional carts may be used for an additional $6.51 per month per cart. Handicapped residents may request front-door pickup. Trash collection is billed on residents' water bills.

Residents may use other haulers if they choose, but they will still be assessed the monthly charge. All residential properties are covered by the franchise, regardless of whether or not water service is provided by the town, and will be billed accordingly. Failure to pay any portion of the town’s utility bill may result in late fees and/or termination of service.

Senior Rate

A resident of the Town may begin receiving the senior rate after providing a valid document supporting an occupant of the residence is age 65 or older, this document must provide both the occupant’s date of birth and the address of the residence requesting the senior rate. The senior rate is $15.14 plus $1.75 administrative fee monthly, plus sales tax, this rate will only be billed once valid documents have been presented.

Handicapped Persons Requests

Certified handicapped persons can request front door pick-up for no additional charge. Able-bodied residents who do not want to roll the cart(s) to the curb can pay an extra $28.99 (plus sales tax) per month to have it collected at their houses. Billing is through the town’s monthly utility bill. Though a resident may receive backdoor service, this will not apply to brush/bulk collections.

Trash/Recycling Collection and Cart Usage

Trash and recycling collection is once per week, on Tuesday in Heritage Ranch and on Wednesday in the rest of the town. Garbage and recycling collection is in 95-gallon rolling containers provided by the hauler. There is no cost for the carts unless they are ruined by customer neglect or are taken when a customer moves out of Fairview.

Please note: Beginning January 1, 2018 a new trash schedule will be implemented; check back for further details.

Extra garbage carts are available for an additional $6.51 (plus sales tax) per month each, or an extra $9.69 (plus tax) for carry-out service from the house. A second recycling cart can be requested for free.

Collection is at the street and nothing outside the carts will be picked up except during the once per month brush and bulk waste collection.

Commercial and Industrial Customers

The Town has given Republic Services exclusive rights for waste collection and disposal of commercial and industrial garbage. This exclusivity does not include commercial or industrial recyclable materials, commercial or industrial accounts for which Republic Services releases from the Town or construction debris.

Construction debris will need to be removed from the property at the property owner's expense, using whomever the property owner wants but should they use a service other than Republic Services, a hauling permit fee of $100 shall be paid during the construction permitting process.

Republic Services will bill all commercial and industrial customers directly. All commercial and industrial customers will be billed a 5 percent franchise fee on each bill.

Front Load Commercial Service Rates









Commercial hand collect 95 Gallon (2 Carts)










$10.00 per additional cart

2 Yard








4 Yard








6 Yard








8 Yard








Other Fees

  • $3.61 per caster, per month
  • $1.38 per lock, per month
  • $1.38 per gate, per month
  • Excess trash on ground or overloaded containers charged at $38.63 per yard
  • Delivery fees: $128.75
  • Exchange fees: $206
  • Relocate or removal: $128.75

Industrial service charges include: 20 and 30 yard open top units for business and construction; compactor unit sizes on a per customer basis; 5 percent franchise fee on all industrial loans; haul rate; disposal rate and rental charges negotiated with customer at time of services by Republic Services.

Questions, Complaints and Concerns

Additional questions, service requests and concerns, should be directed to the Utility Billing Department at 972-886-4242 or 972-562-0522.

Household Hazardous Waste

By law, neither Fairview nor Republic Services (Allied Waste) collects household hazardous waste. However, for a fee, residents may take hazardous waste to the Home Chemical Collection Center located in Dallas at 11234 Plano Road, about one mile north of IH 635. The facility is the first building past the railroad tracks on the east side of the street. The building is white with bright turquoise trim.

The Home Chemical Collection Center accepts only household waste such as paint, pesticides, yard chemicals, pool chemicals, motor oil and other automotive fluids, cleaners, glues and other hobby products, fluorescent light tubes and batteries. Items not accepted include business waste, common trash and recyclables, radioactive materials, explosives, ammunition, or bio-medical waste. For information on how to dispose of unacceptable materials, call (214) 553-1765. The collection center’s website is dallascounty.org/department/plandev/hhw_intro.htm

Quick Notes
BlueBinService Provider: Republic Services

BlueBinTrash/Recycle Pickup:

Once Per Week

  • Heritage Ranch on Tuesday
  • Rest of Town on Wednesday

BlueBinBulk/Brush Pickup:

Once Per Month

  • Must be placed outside by 7 a.m. on your designated Monday


Call the Utility Billing Dept at 972-886-4242

BlueBinHazardous Waste:

Fire Department Contact