Backflow is the unwanted reverse flow in a potable water system. It can create serious health risks by introducing contaminants in the public drinking water supply due to back pressure or back siphonage from sources of unknown quality. It typically occurs during periods of pressure loss in the water system, caused by water main breaks, equipment failure, fire fighting, etc. This potential contamination is mitigated by the installation of Backflow Prevention Devices, which are required by state law and building codes at locations and on uses determined to be likely hazards.

All public water systems in Texas are required to verify the installation and testing of backflow devices where mandated, upon installation (for lower risk) and annually for those in high health-hazard locations. (see here)

In Fairview, backflow test reports for initial installation on irrigation and fire suppression systems should be submitted to

All required annual test reports should be submitted to Chris Landguth at

Failure to provide these reports can result in citations, reporting to TCEQ licensing, and in extreme cases disconnection of water service.


Registration Information:

The Town of Fairview does not require backflow testers to be registered with our town, however you must have a current registration with the State of Texas.


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