The Public Works Department is responsible for the maintenance and operation of town streets, water and sewer systems, parks, rights-of-way and the public works facility. The department is also responsible for code enforcement, and septic tank permitting. If you like to register a complaint, please complete this form and deliver it to Town Hall. Complaint Form

StandardsIcon Portable outside storage facilities such as PODS may not be used for more than 30 days in any one year; storing materials outside that are not normally used or stored outdoors is also prohibited after 30 days.

StandardsIcon All septic systems must be monitored under a current maintenance, testing, and reporting contract and regularly inspected; contracts must be filed with the town.

StandardsIcon Roadside sales are not allowed; door-to-door peddlers and solicitors must be permitted by the town following a background check.

StandardsIcon Dogs may not run at large.

StandardsIcon Only one grazing animal per acre is generally allowed in residential areas.

StandardsIcon Habitual barking and yelping by a dog is not permitted.

StandardsIcon No more than a total of four adult cats, dogs, or other household pets are allowed at a single residence.

StandardsIcon Fireworks may not be bought, sold, or used in the town or its immediate surroundings.

StandardsIcon Outdoor burning is prohibited except in a few very rare instances, all of which must be approved by the fire chief or fire marshal.

StandardsIcon Many noise nuisances are prohibited, including playing loud music before 7:00 a.m. or after 10:00 p.m., as well as construction work before 7:00 a.m. or after 7:00 p.m. or at any time on Sundays or legal town holidays.

StandardsIcon Firearms may not be discharged within the town limits.

StandardsIcon All fire and police alarms are to be registered with the town.

StandardsIcon Locked gates and other devices that limit public safety access to a property should be secured with a fire department approved Knox lock.

StandardsIcon Structures, fences, earthwork, pipes, debris, etc. may not block drainage easements or ditches, reroute creeks, or obstruct floodways.

StandardsIcon Cars, boats, motorcycles, etc. may not be sold except on a permitted sales lot or on a residential property owned by the same person owning the vehicle for sale.

StandardsIcon Travel trailers and boat trailers longer than 45 feet may not be parked in a residential area; those less than 45 feet must be parked behind the front building line on a paved surface.

StandardsIcon Garbage or recycling containers may not be placed at the collection point prior to 5:00 p.m. on the day before collection or remain after 6:00 a.m. on the day after collection.

StandardsIcon The type, size, and location of fences and walls are restricted (see Chapter 14 of the town’s code of ordinances for details).

StandardsIcon The town regulates the type, size, location, and duration of signage (see Chapter 3 of the town’s code of ordinances for more details).

StandardsIcon The town enforces restrictions on the type and amount of outdoor lighting (see Chapter 3 of the town’s code of ordinances for more details).



In order to help maintain the high quality of life that Fairview's citizens deserve, the Town employs a Code Enforcement Officer to enforce certain nuisance codes. These include restrictions on animals, tree removal, litter and debris, lighting, excessive vegetation, pool enclosures, fences, walls and more. For complaints or questions on these types of issues, contact Robert White, Code Enforcement Officer at or 972-886-4223. You can reference the Code of Ordinances at:

Septic Systems

Much of Fairview still relies on private septic systems known as On-Site Sewage Facilities (OSSF) by the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ), regulated through Title 30, Chapter 285 of the Texas Administrative Code (TAC) as well as several other stringent local amendments.

The Town of Fairview is an authorized agent of the TCEQ, required to enforce these rules by the employment of a designated representative (DR) certified by the state to administer the OSSF program and rules. The Town’s Code Enforcement Officer also serves as the DR for Fairview and is responsible for permitting and inspections as well as investigation of malfunctioning and/or failing systems. Systems must be maintained and operated according to state law, and a copy of a maintenance contract must be on file with the town at all times.

For questions or complaints on these issues, please contact Robert White, Code Enforcement Officer at or (972) 886-4223.

View the Title 30 TAC Regulations:$ext.ViewTAC?tac_view=4&ti=30&pt=1&ch=285

Local amendments can be viewed in the Town’s Code of Ordinances in Chapter 13, Article 13.05.



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