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Fairview operates its own police department, which consists of a chief and 19 full-time officers. Dispatch and jail services for the department are handled by the Collin County Sheriff's Office. 

Police Chief

Chief Chandler swearing in

William Christopher Chandler is the Chief of Police for the Town of Fairview. Mr. Chandler brings in decades of experience as a peace officer and, prior to coming to Fairview, served as the Chief of Police in the City of Murphy. 

Mr. Chandler started his career in law enforcement in 1990 in Jacinto City, near Houston. He was promoted to Sergeant in Jacinto in 1993. The Colony offered him a Lieutenant position which brought him to the Metroplex. In 1998, he was made a Captain and in 2012 he was appointed as the Assistant Chief of Police in The Colony. 

Mr. Chandler holds an Associate degree in Criminal Justice from Collin County Community College and a Bachelor of Applied Arts and Sciences degree from the University of North Texas. Additionally, he completed the Leadership Command College at Sam Houston State University, part of the Bill Blackwood Law Enforcement Management Institute of Texas. Moreover, he is a proud graduate of Session #275 at the Federal Bureau of Investigation National Academy in Quantico, Virginia.

About the Department

The Fairview Police Department promotes a service-oriented policing philosophy. Although safety is our number one concern, we truly care about how we deliver police service to our community. It is not uncommon to see a Fairview Police Officer assisting a stranded motorist or helping change a flat tire in the heat or cold.

It is our mission, to provide Fairview residents, business clientele, and visitors with a genuine sense of safety through presence, collaboration, crime prevention, enforcement, and personal assistance.
Our goal is to fulfill the mission by selecting superior quality individuals and providing them with excellent training, equipment, and guidance that exemplifies competence, friendliness and fairness.
Although our police department is small in size, we remain on the cutting edge of new technology, equipment, and training. 

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The Town of Fairview provides the following services

  • Copy of Incident/Offense or Other Report – Fee $7.00
  • Copy of Accident Report – Fee $6.00
  • Certified Copy of Accident Report $8.00 or Incident Report – Fee $10.00

You may request a copy of an accident or offense report by

  • Filling out the form below
  • Completing the form online Click Here

Filling out the PDF Form Below Instructions: Download the form, fill it out and mail it, bring it in to the Town Hall at 372 Town Place, Fairview TX. 75069, or email it to PoliceRecords@fairviewtexas.org

pdfRequest for copy of Peace Officers Report

Fees and Payment for Copy of Accident or Incident Report

There are several ways to pay for your report

  • Pay when you pick-up your Report from Town Hall
  • Pay over the phone when the Officer confirms the report is available.
  • Pay via Check mailed to Town Hall.

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Monthly Policing Report

Click the image of the report below to view the latest monthly report from the Fairview Police Department.   


Monthly Police Report April 2024


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The Fairview Police Department offers a special watch program for vacationers or residents experiencing an extended stay in the hospital. Complete and submit the form linked below, and officers will provide extra patrols for your home while you’re away.

As you fill out the form, you’ll be asked to note:


§  The dates and times you’ll be away from home

§  How you can be reached if there’s an emergency while you’re away

§  Whether any animals will remain at the home

§  Whether any lights will be left on in your home, and if so, where

§  The make, model, color and license plate of vehicles that should be at your home. (Don’t forget about cleaning services or pet sitters)

§  If you have an alarm system, whether an emergency contact has an access code to reset it




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The Town of Fairview Alarm Permit Ordinance in effect since 1998 (Article 4.05) requires an Alarm Permit for active alarm systems in Fairview, monitored or non-monitored.

The Town offers two (2) ways to complete the annual permit process.

Go Online to https://fairviewtexasalarm.com/ and complete the form online


Download and complete the Alarm Permit PDF file and send it in with payment to the Town of Fairview.

Residential Alarm Permit PDF

Commercial Alarm Permit PDF

To reset your password or for login information, please email alarm@fairviewtexas.org

Permit Fees:

The following permit fees are in effect for residential, commercial and other non-residential permits. Notice: Alarm Permits must be renewed annually by Jan. 31st of each year.

Residential Alarm Permit Fee = $50.00 (includes individual apartment units)

Commercial and Other Non-Residential Alarm Permit Fee = $100.00

Renewal Fee for Residential Alarm Permits = $50.00 (includes individual apartment units)

Renewal Fee for Commercial and Other Non-Residential Alarm Permits = $100.00


Late Fee for Renewal - All renewal permit fee(s) are due January 1st of each year; provided, however, that there is a 30-day grace period and no late fee will apply unless said renewal permit fee(s) are not paid on or before January 31st of the year they become due. Residential alarm permit renewal fees paid after January 31st will incur a $12.50 late fee. Commercial and other non-residential alarm permit renewal fees paid after January 31st will incur a $25.00 late fee.

False Alarm Penalty Schedule

False Alarms 1-3 during the preceding 12-month period, NO PENALTY ASSESSED

False Alarms 4-5 during the preceding 12-month period, $50.00 per false alarm

False Alarms 6-7 during the preceding 12-month period, $75.00 per false alarm

False Alarms 8+ during the preceding 12-month period, $100.00 per false alarm

The "Notice of False Alarm" left by the officer who responds to a false alarm is considered your notification of police response.

If you have any questions, please call the Fairview Police Department at 972-886-4211.

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Golf carts may be driven on certain public streets. All those wishing to operate their golf carts on public streets must comply with the Town of Fairview ordinance (2017-22) regulating the use of golf carts on public streets and must apply for a golf cart permit.

Note: The streets in Heritage Ranch are not public streets. 

To obtain an application fill out this form and send it to the Town Hall.

Golf Cart Permit Registration Application Packet

Permit Fees: $60.00 per address. This fee is non-refundable.

Forms of payment: Cash, Check, or you can use a Visa or Mastercard w/a 3% transaction fee.

Required Documentation: Valid Driver’s License.

Auto Insurance: The golf cart must be listed on your auto policy. 

Once the police department has received the application and the required documentation, your application packet will be processed.  Once processed, an officer will contact you to arrange a time for your golf cart to be inspected.  Once inspected, the officer will issue a permit sticker that will expire two years from the date on the permit sticker. 

If you have any questions or concerns about the golf cart permit, ordinance, or procedure, please contact the Fairview Police Department at 972-886-4211


pdfGolf Cart Permit Application              pdfGolf Cart Ordinance               


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Compliment a Fairview Police Officer

If a Fairview Police Officer has done a good job and you want to say thanks, you may elect to do one of the following:

  • Call or visit the Fairview Police Department during regular business hours and ask to speak to a supervisor within the officer’s division of assignment.
  • Complete a letter/email entitled Compliment and send it via the United States Postal System to:

Fairview Police Department

ATTN: Chief of Police

372 Town Place

Fairview, TX 75069



Your comments will be forwarded through the officer’s chain of command and be reviewed by the Office of the Chief of Police. After the review, a copy of your comments will be placed in the officer’s personnel file and the original document provided to the employee.


File a Complaint Against a Fairview Police Officer

The Fairview Police Department understands the importance of protecting the community from officers who have demonstrated acts of misconduct or have shown they are unfit for law enforcement work, the need to protect officers from false allegations of misconduct, and the opportunity to periodically assess the effectiveness of our policies and procedures. These objectives can only be accomplished through a consistent, thorough, and objective investigative process.

The Office of the Chief of Police is responsible for administering the complaint process. Should you hold the impression an officer has been involved in misconduct or are dissatisfied with our service you may register a complaint by:

  • Contacting the on-duty supervisor during regular business hours at 972-886-4211
  • Contacting an on-duty supervisor after regular business hours at 972-547-5350
  • Completing a written or typed letter about your complaint and submit it to:

Fairview Police Department

ATTN: Chief of Police

372 Town Place

Fairview, TX 75069


Texas law requires that all complaints against police officers be in writing and signed by the person making the complaint. The person who was wronged must file the complaint; other people may give statements as witnesses. Please provide contact information.

False Complaints

Filing a false complaint against a police employee is a violation of the Texas Penal Code, Section 37.02. If a person knowingly and intentionally makes a false statement under oath or swears to the truth of a false statement previously made under oath, a person may be found guilty and punished by a fine up to $4,000, confinement in jail up to one year, or by both fine and imprisonment.

Rape Aggression Defense Training

The Fairview Police Department has partnered with the Allen Police Department’s Community Relations Unit to offer Rape Aggression Defense (R.A.D.) training for women and girls who are at least 14. (Girls ages 14-16 must be accompanied by a legal guardian to participate.) The course is designed to educate and empower women to defend themselves against a physical attack.

Enrollment is capped at 25 students for each session, and classes fill quickly. The four-week sessions are scheduled periodically throughout the year. Watch for an announcement via Nixle when the next registration opens. Classes meet from 6:30 to 9 p.m. on Tuesdays at Allen Heights Baptist Church, 1309 E. Main Street. All courses are taught by certified instructors.

For more information, call Allen Police Sergeant Frank Page at 214-509-4359 or email Fairview Police Sergeant Boston Ross at bross@fairviewtexas.org.


Check the enrollment calendar for the latest schedule and to enroll.

Police Contact