Frequently Asked Questions - Engineering & Planning

FAQs - Engineering & Planning

For a water emergency call 911. For a water leak call 972-886-4229

Anytime you are altering drainage in or around your property, tying into existing water or sewer lines, attaching driveways into city streets, altering the flood plain or clearing trees from your property.

No, first contact the town’s planning department in the case of new development.

Collected fees and taxes can only be spent on drainage problems located in public easements and rights-of-way.  Drainage funds cannot be spent to improve private property by law.

No, the traffic signals are either maintained by the city of Allen along Stacy Rd or by TxDOT along FM1378.

No, you must contact your service providers. Click here for a listing of common service providers in our area

No, Fairview keeps house plans initially during construction, but does not retain them as a repository.

Not unless you are subdividing at least 5 acres per lot.  It’s still a good idea to contact the town in these cases to go over access and utility issues.

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