The Fairview fire district includes both incorporated and unincorporated areas within a 13 square mile area. The Town has received an Insurance Services Organization (ISO) rating of 2.

Fire & EMS

Fairview operates a combination department, meaning we have full-time paid firefighters, part-time firefighters, and professional volunteers.

Collin County Sheriff's communications center. This center receives all 911 calls and is responsible for the dispatching of emergency personnel. FOR EMERGENCY CALLS, DIAL 911.

Fairview operates two fire stations. Station 1 is located at 510 S. State Highway 5. Station 2 is located at 1200 Stacy Road. 

The Department

Fire Chief- Jeff Bell

Jeff began his career in the fire service by attending Collin County Community College’s Fire Academy in 1999. He worked for Plano Fire Rescue in the Fire Marshal’s office as a plan reviewer and inspector until he joined Plano Fire Rescue as a Fire Rescue Specialist. He worked for Plano for a total of 13 years. Summer of 2006 he joined Fairview Fire Rescue as a part-time Fire Inspector. In 2009, he became Fairview’s Assistant Fire Chief and Fire Marshal and later joined Fairview in a full-time capacity in January 2012.

He is a graduate of Oklahoma State University with a Bachelor’s Degree in Fire Protection and Safety Engineering Technology. He also holds a Master Fire Fighter certification, Advanced Inspector and Fire Investigator’s certification through Texas Commission on Fire Protection.

The Department

Station 1

Fairview operates two fire stations. Station 1 is located at 510 S. State Highway 5.

The Department

Station 2

Station 2 is located at 1200 Stacy Road. This building was completed in Janurary 2010 and provides our citizens on the eastern side improved response time. Station 2 is also home base to EMS Emergency Services.



FFD Patch

Vision: Building upon traditional fire service values, we will provide a safe location for the community to live and work by providing a modern and technologically advanced department.

Mission: Through collaborative planning, progressive training, and modern equipment, we will continue to provide excellent fire, EMS, and all-hazard responses. We will make a positive difference in the lives of the communities we serve through highly trained and compassionate personnel.

Our Values:  As an organization, we value the role each member plays in our organization. We respect those who came before us and will strive to make the organization better for those who follow. We will apply our organizational values in our daily lives and to the communities we serve:

Pride: We will hold ourselves to high standards regarding the appearance of our stations, equipment, and personnel.

Selflessness: Our job is to put others before ourselves, have empathy, and be compassionate.

Honor, Duty, and Courage: These are the traditional values of the fire service. We will adhere to a high moral standard of behavior reflective of the noble profession we have chosen.

Intergrity: We will demonstrate honesty and strong ethics in all of our interactions and maintain the trust of everyone we encounter.

Excellence: We will demonstrate high levels of passion and dedication in order to excel in our profession. We will constantly strive to advance our knowledge base through training and education.

Family-focused: We are a family. We are committed and accountable to each other because our lives depend on it.




Medic 753

It is a 2019 F450 Braun ambulance that is our primary medic. This medic was purchased with funds from the CARES act.


The NEW Engine 752

2018 Pierce Velocity with a 2000 GPM pump with a 500 gallon water tank. The engine will seat 5 firefighters with ALS capabilities.  


Truck 751

2015 Pierce 105’ Ladder truck with a 2000 gpm pump, and carries 500 gallons of water. This apparatus is unique as it has rear steering capabilities that allows it to turn extremely sharp to assist maneuvering through the Town of Fairview’s small and narrow residential streets.  The truck also carries ALS medical equipment and is always staffed with at least 1 paramedic to provide Advanced Life Support (ALS) care and treatment with a cardiac monitor. This apparatus seats 4 firefighters. 


Reserve Medic

2015 F450 Horton ambulance. This is our reserve ambulance that is staffed 24/7 and has MICU capabilities. This medic also gets staffed as needed for various events such as the ½ marathon or as needed based upon weather.


Ranger 752

2013 Polaris Ranger 800 6X6. This support vehicles is used to respond to areas that our normal vehicles cannot access such as the Trinity Trail system on the West side of Lake Lavon, the Heritage Ranch Golf Course, or will be used with extra staffing during our ½ marathon events, or other special town events that requires a small off-road vehicle. This vehicle was purchased through a matching fund via CoServe.


Brush 752

2012 F-550 4X4. It has a 400 gallon water tank and 20 gallons of Class A foam. It has a Hale 200 gpm diesel fire pump @100 psi. This truck was purchased through the Texas Forestry Service via a grant matching program. This truck will be utilized to assist the state for special deployments to assist in the control of wildland fires. 


Chief 750

2013 Tahoe 4X4. This vehicle’s primary function is to serve as a command vehicle primarily by the Fire Chief at large incidents.  This vehicle has an AED and BLS capabilities.


Reserve Engine

2004 E-One Typhoon with a 1250 GPM pump and a Compressed Air Foam System (CAFS) system, and carries 1000 gallons of water. This apparatus is used as a back-up when either the ladder truck or the engine located at fire station 2 is out for maintenance.



The Town of Fairview operates its own EMS medical transport service for the citizens and customers of Fairview. EMS services were previously contracted with a 3rd party ambulance service. The fire department now is able to continue care for the patient from the initial patient contact until the patient arrives at the appropriate hospital destination. The ambulance is staffed with 2 people that are cross-trained as firefighters and also as either EMT or Paramedic. The primary ambulance is still located at fire station 2 with a back-up ambulance at fire station 1 should the primary be out for service. We welcome anyone that would like to drop by the fire stations and see our new equipment or just to visit with the firefighters.

In addition to the ambulance, an advanced life support fire engine/ truck is staffed twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week out of both Station 1 and Station 2. The engine/ truck has the same EMS capabilities as the ambulance but without the ability to transport.

For EMS billing information, records requests and questions, contact Emergicon

For Emergencies Call 9-1-1
Give your address and location.
Explain the emergency.
Try to remain calm.
Stay on the phone. The dispatcher may need to get additional information.


Fire Marshal

For more information please visit the new Fire Marshal Page.

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In the Town of Fairview, the location for open burning shall not be less than 300 feet from any structure and provisions shall be made to prevent the fire from spreading to within 300 feet of any structure.

Permits may be issued by the Fire Marshal for burning of natural vegetation if the fire is located on a property of 10 acres or greater, and if all of the following conditions are met:

  1. The burn site must only contain natural vegetation,
  2. A water supply must be on site and capable of preventing fire from spreading away from burn site,
  3. The burn site must not be within 300 feet of any structure or within 25 feet of a property line,
  4. The day must be a burn day as designated by the Fairview Fire Chief or his designee and the Fire Marshal has inspected the items to be burned prior to lighting the fire.

For those interested in constructing a fire pit, fire pits must not contain a fire greater than three feet in diameter and two feet in height. Fire pits shall be surrounded on the outside, aboveground, by a non-combustible material such as steel, brick or masonry. The fire pit bottom must be at least six inches below the outer ring of the fire pit. Fire pits can be used as long there is not a posted Burn Ban within Fairview. Burn Bans are typically posted on the Top News section of the Town’s home page.