The Town Engineer is responsible for town mapping, supervision of municipal construction projects, preparation and management of the town’s drainage plan, flood plain management, review of all subdivision plans, approval of private development construction, long-range utility planning, and compliance with state and federal regulations concerning water utilities and storm water.



Lift Station Removal


In Summer 2019, the Town will begin construction on 850 feet of sewer line that will remove an existing sewer pumping station located on the west end of the Villages of Fairview subdivision. This will lower operation and maintenance costs for the public works department and critical equipment at this site will be reused in other areas of Town. Construction is slated to be completed in early 2020.



FM 1378 Water Pump Station and Storage Tank


Construction began on the water pump station and ground storage tank on the east side of Town fronting FM1378 in Spring 2019 with the expectation of it being in use by Summer 2020. This construction is in conjunction with the growth of the town population and the town’s water master plan. A 1.5 million gallon ground storage tank and a new pumping station will provide for existing and near future needs. A future tank of the same size and another high service pump will be installed in a few years to accommodate the build out population when water demand rises to that level of need.



East Stacy Road Design

The Town of Fairview will be making improvements to Stacy Road, from the entrance of the Thompson Springs subdivision all the way to Orr Road. This portion of Stacy Road will have the asphalt removed and will be reconstructed with concrete. This reconstruction will additionally allow an opportunity for pedestrian traffic. As such, the existing bike lane and sidewalk along Stacy will be extended all the way to Orr Road.

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Sloan Creek Connector Trail


The Town of Fairview has started construction of a ten-foot wide hike and bike trail and pedestrian bridge that adds just under a mile of trail to our existing trail system. It will start at Latham Dr. and continue north on Fairview Parkway until the DART railroad tracks, then follow the tracks north to the piece of town owned property next to the Sorrel apartments, and finally cross Sloan Creek to an existing trail system. This piece of trail on the trail plan is essential to future plans to connect the northern and southern portions of the commercial district. Construction began in June 2019 and is expected to be completed in November 2019, weather permitting. Finally, funding for this project was a combination of a grant from Collin County, the Town of Fairview Parks fund, and the Sorrel Apartments park fee.


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Sloan Creek Connector Trail - CLOSED

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Country Side Water Main Replacement & Hydrant Additions Bid - CLOSED

Addendum #1

The Town of Fairview is a member of the National Flood Insurance Program.

This means that anyone in Fairview can purchase low cost flood insurance from FEMA, regardless if your home is located in the flood plain. Under no circumstances should fill be hauled into the 100 year flood plain. No new structures should be built or installed within the 100 year flood plain...
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Stormwater Quality

According to the General Prohibition of the Storm Water Quality Standards, no person shall introduce any discharge that is not entirely composed of storm water into the Municipal Separate Storm Sewer System (MS4). The following is a summarized list of substances that cannot be included in this di...
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Welcome to the drainage section for the Town of Fairview.

The engineering department would like to give you just a few Do’s & Dont’s when it comes to drainage in and around your home or property. Below is the Town's Stormwater Ordinance for more information on drainage requirements. If you are experiencing any high speed water flows, near flooding,...
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Engineering Form and Documents

  ROW Permit Application (for uses other than small cell network nodes and node support poles)   Drainage Questionnaire Fairview Stormwater Ordinance Stormwater Quality Partial List Stormwater Quality Standards TxDOT Driveway Permit TxDot Utility installation  2016...
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