Mission To ensure new residential and commercial development and redevelopment is of the highest quality, adds value, and enhances quality of life in Fairview. The planning department strives to meet these goals through the implementation of the town’s Comprehensive Plan and the enforcement of t...
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Development Process

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Implementation. Adopt comprehensive plans and ordinances that support development excellence and involve citizens and stakeholders in all aspects of the planning process. 

Development Process

Development Application Requirements Development Process Flowcharts Development Application Checklists Planning & Development Application Zoning Change Process Zoning Change Checklist Planning and Zoning Calendar CUP/SUP Process CUP/SUP Checklist   ...
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Billingsley Project Information

On Tuesday, October 26 at 6:00PM, the Planning and Zoning Commission and the Town Council will hold a joint public hearing on the propsed revisions to the (CPDD) Commerical Planned Development District for a 239+/- acre tract of land generally located on the east side of US 75, south of Frisco Road, and west of HWY 5.  Preliminary infromation is linked below, however, is subject to revision.  Updated October 22, 2021

Framework Plan

Land Use Matrix

Art Plan

Signage Plan

Street Topology Plan

Street Sections


Site Rendering

Pictoral Library




Commercial District

CPDD AREA PLAN & ZONING ORDINANCE Background With the Commercial Planned Development District (CPDD) Area Plan and Zoning Ordinance having a lifespan that now comprises over 10 years, the Fairview Town Council elected to initiate an update of these planning documents as one of their strate...
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Planning Documents

Available Plans and Maps Comprehensive Plan (as adopted in June, 2005) Comprehensive Plan: Vision, Goals, and Objectives - As Adopted May 27, 2014 Future Land Use Plan - Map and Text - As Adopted May 27, 2014 Future Land Use Plan (Map Only) - As Adopted May 27, 2014 Master Transportation Pla...
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