Effective July 11, 2022, the Town of Fairview has implemented a burn ban. The Collin County Fire Marshal also issued the same burn ban earlier this month for all unincorporated areas of Collin County. This burn ban will remain in place until further notice for all properties within the Town of Fairview.


During normal times, Fairview has restrictions on open burning but allows for residents on 10+ acres to conduct agricultural burns (with a Town issued permit) and allows for private home barbecue grills and barbecue pits to be used. During this burn ban, only the private home type barbecue grills will be permitted to be used. This ban includes burning of brush and natural vegetation on any land parcel and in any outdoor fire pit or container regardless of size. A propane grill/fire pit is still allowed, as it does not release embers that may spread and cause fires.


For more information, please review Chapter 5 (Fire Prevention and Protection) of the Town’s Code of Ordinances on the Town of Fairview website at www.fairviewtexas.org, specifically: Fire Bans Section 5.01.001; Definitions: Open Burn, Section 5.05.001; and Exemptions, Section 5.05.003. If you have any questions, please contact Fire Marshal Green at (972) 886-4232. 

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