Town Secretary

The Town Secretary manages all town records, maintains the Code of Ordinances and keeps minutes of all town council meetings, as well as the planning and zoning commission meeting minutes. 
2012-2013 Audit
2014 Town of Fairview Citizen Survey Results
2015 Notice of Deadline to File Applications
2015 Notice of General Election
Election Results 2013
Elections - 2014 Notice of General Election
Elections 2014 - Notice of Application Deadlines
Elections 2014 - Notice of Drawing for Place on Ballot
Elections 2014 - Results
Elections 2014 Notice of Public Test and Inspection and Sealing
Executive Summary-Town of Fairview Adopted Budget 2012-2013
Home Rule Charter
January 2016 Town News
Message from the Mayor-Fiscal Year 2013-2014 Budget
Official Election Results for May 9, 2015 General Election
Rotating Art Program Rules and Requirements and Application-Jan-Mar 2015- The Tame Ones
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