Appendix A - FY 2012-13 CAFR
Appendix B - Cost Proposal Forms
Appendix C - Organizational Chart
Auditor CAFR Presentation FY14
Auditors RFP 2014
Fairview Final 2014 Report
Fairview FY2015-16 Proposed Budget
FY2013-14 Amended Budget
FY2014-15 Adopted Budget
FY2014-15 Budget
Independent Registered Municipal Advisor Certificate
Ord 2015-23 Amend Budget FY2014-15
Ord 2015-24 Budget FY 2015-16
Ord 2015-25 Ad Valorem Taxes 2015-16
Ord. 2014-9-2E - FY14-15 Ad Valorem Tax Rate
Proposed Tax Rate Notice Fairview
Request for Proposal Merchant Card Services
Town of Fairview 10 Year CIP PPP
Town of Fairview Final 2015 Report