Appendix A - FY 2012-13 CAFR
Appendix B - Cost Proposal Forms
Appendix C - Organizational Chart
Auditor CAFR Presentation FY14
Auditors RFP 2014
Fairview Final 2014 Report
Fairview FY2015-16 Proposed Budget
FY2013-14 Amended Budget
FY2014-15 Adopted Budget
FY2014-15 Budget
Independent Registered Municipal Advisor Certificate
Ord 2015-23 Amend Budget FY2014-15
Ord 2015-24 Budget FY 2015-16
Ord 2015-25 Ad Valorem Taxes 2015-16
Ord. 2014-9-2E - FY14-15 Ad Valorem Tax Rate
Proposed Tax Rate Notice Fairview
Request for Proposal Merchant Card Services
Town of Fairview 10 Year CIP PPP
Town of Fairview Final 2015 Report
Weaver PPP over FY15 CAFR Audit