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Yes they are. However, such guns can be very dangerous, even lethal, and it is illegal to shoot them in an unsafe manner.

Usually, yes. However, we have had instances of both coyotes and bobcats in Fairview and they will sometimes attack and even kill smaller animals like cats, rabbits, and some dogs. Pet owners should exercise as much caution as possible.

Yes, we do. Dog owners must by law keep their animals in an enclosure, on a leash, in their arms, or otherwise maintain direct supervision and control of their pets. Animals found in violation of this law may be impounded. Dogs and cats must also be vaccinated for rabies and registered. Animal control in Fairview is contracted with Collin County Animal Control and they may be contacted at 972-547-7292.

The Collin County landfill is open for Collin County residents to dispose of their trash.  For a fee, residents will be able to drop off most refuse consisting of general debris, properly drained Freon appliances with Freon recovery certification, motor oil, oil filters, Tires (maximum of four tires per household per year), and boards, tree limbs, etc. (8 feet long max), furniture, appliances, and other larger house hold items will be accepted.  Chemicals, paints, batteries, anti-freeze and contractor debris will not be accepted.   NTMWD only accepts credit/ debit cards or customer must have an account. The transfer stations do not accept cash or checks. For account set up information, please contact the landfill. Located at 3820 Sam Rayburn Hwy (121), Melissa Texas. 75454. 

For rate information, visit the NTMWD website.  You can contact the landfill at 469-626-4452 for additional information. Please note: Before entering gate, all loads must be enclosed, covered or secured. Small contractors can take their commercial waste/scrap debris to the landfill for a fee. Call the landfill at 469-626-4452 for information regarding commercial waste.
A zero tolerance approach is being taken in Collin County. Laws regarding illegal dumping have been strengthened and now include both misdemeanor and felony offenses.

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