2018 Capital Facility Planning

Update on the 2018 Capital Planning Process

The Fairview Town Council recently announced the development of a new process as they move forward with planning for the capital needs of the Town. One of the primary goals in that process is to ensure opportunity is provided for residents from all areas of Town to both provide feedback as well as to participate in the planning process.

The process included establishing a group of residents to assist in the process.  The committee, the Community Resource Group (CRG), has been activated with representatives from across the community.  The CRG consists of the following members:

- Gary Carter, Collinwood Acres North

John Cox, River Oaks II

- Bill Corondan, Cypress Crossing

John Harkins, River Oaks II

Craig Turner, Cypress Crossing

Drew York, Sloan Creek Estates

Phil Hamilton, Fairview Farms

Joel Evans, Sloan Creek Estates

Barbara Isaacs, Fairview Meadows

Mike VanNatta, Sloan Creek Estates

Gary Davies, Foxglen

Sandy Ahlin, Sloan Creek Estates

George Parker, Foxglen

Thomas Palmer, Sloan Creek Estates

John Brown, Hawks Wood

Tom Lester, Sloan Creek Estates

Lisa Wargofchik, Hawks Wood

Stephanie McFadden, Stone Creek Estates

Albert Ku, Heritage Ranch

Tod Sloan, Summer Hill Farms

Ben Brown, Heritage Ranch

Mike Prengler, Sycamore Place

Bryan Serpas, Heritage Ranch

Robert Wilson, The Domain

Clara Bahner, Heritage Ranch

Joanne Aronoff, The Oaks of Fairview

Dick Hevey, Heritage Ranch

Steve Aronoff, The Oaks of Fairview

Jim Coats, Heritage Ranch

Brian Kent, The Village of Fairview

Juley Welch, Heritage Ranch

Leland Payne, The Village of Fairview

Lantz Howse, Heritage Ranch

Paul Kranz, The Village of Fairview

Phil McDonald, Heritage Ranch

Wendy Stewart, The Vineyards

Terry Nash, L A Caldwells Dreamland Addn.

Alison Smith, Thompson Springs

Rick Zampino, Meandering Way

Carlo Strippoli, Thompson Springs

Rich Hickman, Montecito Estates

Chris Lee, Thompson Springs

Jon Cocks, Oakwood Estates

Jeannette Grazioli, Thompson Springs

Ramsey Fanous, Oakwood Estates

Lori Lauter, Tranquility Farms

Rich Connelly, Oakwood Estates

Michael Peay, Tranquility Farms

Hal Bryan, Overture Apartments

Chip Kelley, Villas in the Park

Keith Lovelace, Ranchette Estates

Eric Flood, Villas in the Park

Peggy Elkins Fisher, Ranger Estates

Judy Williams, Villas in the Park

Greg Smith, River Oaks I

David Grimes, Wynford Chace

Nicole Sanders, River Oaks I


The CRG process was initiated in February.  The CRG was asked to complete a preliminary survey about the last bond election.  The CRG was then divided into two focus groups and meetings were held with the guidance of a facilitator to further discuss the results of the survey and the bond election process.  The facilitator, an outside consultant hired by the Town, will present a report on the meetings to the Town Council at the March 6 Town Council meeting.  A copy of the survey results is included on this page. 

A copy of the report that is presented to the Town Council will also be included on this page, as will future updates and documents as the process continues.  


Additional Information:

- April 2, 2019 ESCI Fire Evaluation Presentation

Fairview Fire Department Operations Report - Final

- Mayor's Funding Presentation - February 5, 2019

- Mayor's Funding Presentation - January 24, 2019

- Fairview Fire Station - January 9, 2019 Meeting

- Review of Fire Station 1-presented on January 9, 2019

- Fire Station 1 Review - November 28, 2018

CRG Binder

- February 2018 Letter from Mayor Culbertson Updating About the Capital Planning Process

- Presentation Summarizing Results of Community Resource Group (CRG) Survey

- Consultant's Report on CRG Survey Results and CRG Discussion Meetings

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