GreenCheck Provide residents with the best possible infrastructure, consistent with the Town of Fairview's Comprehensive Plan.

GreenCheck Serve the needs of the Town Council with recommendations, analysis, and information.

GreenCheck Listen to, and share with residents technology questions, issues, and opportunities.

GreenCheck Work with existing and new service providers to meet the needs of our residents and businesses.

GreenCheck Promote free choice and open competition.


Fairview has several Service Providers to choose from for your TV, Interent, and Phone services.  The Service Providers below may not support all Fairview neighborhoods. To determine if your neighborhood is supported contact the Service Provider and ask.

Logo Provider Contact     TV      Internet Phone
Spectrum logo Spectrum (formerly Time Warner  Cable)


GreenCheck   GreenCheck GreenCheck 
Sudenlink logo  Suddenlink Communications


 GreenCheck GreenCheck  GreenCheck 
Grande Grande Communications


 GreenCheck GreenCheck  GreenCheck 


GreenCheck   GreenCheck GreenCheck 
rise-broadband-logo Rise Broadband


GreenCheck  GreenCheck  GreenCheck 
HNLogo HughesNet


DirecTV logo DIRECTV




*The Town of Fairview is providing the information above for educational purposes only and in no way endorses any products or services from any of the providers, nor have we reviewed the legitimacy, efficacy, qualifications or validity of any product or service. You are strongly encouraged to obtain additional information regarding any product or service you may be interested in from independent and reliable sources. Links for service providers shown above will take you away from the Town of Fairview official website and redirect you at your own risk to a private company’s website not under the Town of Fairview’s control.